We have provided a few testimonials for you to see our dedication to our clients:

We were threatened to have a third of our house taken from us by the Public Trustee and Guardian. Liam helped us organize all of our documents and wrote a letter to the Public Trustee and Guardian. He was able to convince them to give us what we wanted

I was really happy with Liam's services.


Sangster Law assisted my wife and I to buy a corporation. They walked us through the entire process and were able to find ways of reducing our purchase price. They drafted a share purchase agreement for us and were able to negotiate terms on our behalf. We had difficulty with one of our banks and Liam Sangster personally went to the bank to negotiate and we got our money on time.

I would recommend Sangster Law to anyone purchasing a new corporation.

David Bruneau

I am a real estate agent in the City of North Bay. I run a very busy practice and have started using Sangster Law for most of my real estate deals. I have been very impressed with their services. They are timely, professional and are often able to find problems weeks before they arise. They have assisted me in closing deals that were at risk of being cancelled.

I would recommend Sangster Law to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.

Jarrod Pandolfo

I had a family law matter in 2016 and 2017 where every judge I came across advised me that I was not going to win my case at trial. Despite this, Liam agreed to help me.  He took the matter to trial and actually won our case. I was able to get everything I wanted. Liam was very respectful and professional. I believed that he really did care for my family.