At Sangster Law we take a very unique approach to our legal services. Our services are backed by William A. Sangster who offers over 35 years of legal experience in real estate, business, estate and wills, civil litigation, family and criminal law.

Reduced Legal fees

Sangster Law also has the benefit of being one of the busiest law firms in North Bay. This allows us to create a high staff ratio which allows our very experienced staff to perform most of the work that does not require licensed legal expertise. The benefit this brings to you is that you will have reduced legal fees.

Better communication

Our structure also has another benefit to you. Our staff takes a greater role in our files which allows multiple people to be on top of your file at one time. This means you will receive fast response times. If you ask legal questions our staff can pass those questions onto our lawyers quickly and directly. It also helps ensure that important deadlines are not missed.

Great Service

Our lawyers as well as our staff work together to identify anything that can harm or help you case. This ensures fewer problems are missed and more opportunities are found. This follows the two heads are better than one approach.

Try our services and see for yourself. Our office is located at 234 Main St. West in North Bay, Ontario.

If you would like to ask us any questions about our service feel free to e-mail us at INFO@SANGSTERLAW.CA or call us at 705-476-6600.